We use an innovative technology called Navident to place dental implants with exceptional precision. It’s like a GPS for your mouth that guides the dentist through the procedure.

Here is how our process works using Navident technology:

  • Planning: Before any procedure, we take a very detailed type of x-ray, called a 3D scan or CBCT, of your jaw. We import these images into the Navident system, allowing your dentist to plan very precisely where and how the implant will be placed, taking into account the unique structure of your mouth.
  • Calibration: Before beginning the procedure, we adjust the Navident system to your mouth. This usually involves attaching a small marker to your cheek, which is tracked by a camera. This marker allows the Navident system to track the movements of your jaw and the dentist in real time during the procedure.
  • Real-time navigation: During the procedure, the dentist uses a special tool which is also tracked by the Navident system. This allows the dentist to see in real time on a screen where the tool is located in relation to your jaw and the planned treatment plan. This allows the dentist to follow the treatment plan very precisely, while having the ability to make adjustments in real time if necessary.

In short, thanks to Navident technology, we can demonstrate great precision and flexibility during the procedure, ensuring high-quality results tailored to your unique situation.

Health advice and information​

Why Navident?

Using Navident technology, we can improve the safety and efficiency of your implant surgery. This technology is offered as an option for certain procedures involving the placement of implants.

How does this help us?

It helps us avoid sensitive structures in your mouth, improve implant alignment, and achieve better aesthetic and functional results. Additionally, because there is no need to create a physical surgical guide, this can help reduce total treatment time and improve your comfort.

Does he have any pain?

This technology is completely painless for you and does not cause any discomfort.