Guide complet du tourisme dentaire en Roumanie Trouvez la clinique parfaite
Romania is quickly becoming the top destination for dental care in Europe. Here, you can enjoy high-quality treatments at very attractive prices. The Bucharest British Dental Place(BBDP) is the premier address for anyone seeking exceptional dental care in a warm, English -speaking environment.

Why Choose Dental Care in Romania?

Opting for dental care in Romania is a wise financial decision. With savings of up to 70% compared to Western European rates, you can confidently plan your treatment without compromising on quality. Romania stands out as an affordable destination, offering significant financial benefits compared to other European countries. Additionally, the Enlgish-speaking environment of Bucharest, easily accessible at Europe’s doorstep, ensures a pleasant and hassle-free stay.

Which Dental Treatments to Prioritize in Romania?

While all types of dental treatments are possible in Romania, it is important to make the most financially prudent choices. Conservative treatments, for example, might be more cost-effective elsewhere once travel expenses are considered. However, dental surgery, implantology, and prosthetic care are ideally suited for treatment in Romania.

Substantial Savings on Your Dental Care

Dental care prices in Romania are extremely competitive, even when considering travel and accommodation costs. The savings can reach up to 70% compared to prices in France. These substantial savings particularly apply to dental implants and prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, and fixed dentures. Several factors influence the cost of dental treatment, such as the number of practitioners, their experience, the modernity of the facilities, and the quality of the equipment. Be cautious of excessively attractive rates, as quality always has its price.

Reimbursement of Dental Care in Romania

Patient and healthcare professional mobility in Europe is governed by Directive 2011/24/EU. Therefore, reimbursements for dental care performed in Romania are similar to those in your home country. No prior authorization is required. With lower dental bills and equivalent reimbursements, the final cost of your treatment in Romania proves to be significantly advantageous.

Quality of Dental Care in Romania

As a member of the European Union, Romania has made considerable progress in the medical and dental fields. With cutting-edge technology, it offers optimized care pathways, with short lead times and significant savings. It is reasonable to wonder if affordable dental care in Romania equates to quality. Rest assured, Romania stands out by offering high-quality dental care in the European dental market. The country’s dental universities are renowned and train a large number of professionals who then practice across Europe.

Implants and Dental Prosthetics: Considerable Savings

Opting for dental implants and prosthetics in Romania is a particularly advantageous option for those looking to maximize their savings. For instance, the cost of a dental implant in Romania is among the most competitive in Europe, typically around 400 euros compared to about 1000 euros in France. Including the cost of the abutment and crown, the savings can reach up to 70%.

Locally manufactured dental prosthetics also display prices up to 70% lower. For example, a ceramo-metal crown charged at 550 euros in France would only cost 180 euros in Romania. It’s good to know that it’s often the same laboratory that ensures production.

Les prothèses dentaires fabriquées sur place affichent également des tarifs jusqu’à 70% moins élevés. A titre d’exemple, une couronne céramo-métal facturée 550 euros en France ne coûtera que 180 euros ici. Il est bon de savoir qu’il s’agit souvent du même laboratoire qui assure la production.

How to Choose Your Dental Clinic in Romania?

Face à un grand nombre de cliniques dentaires et de praticiens en Roumanie, le choix peut sembler difficile. Il est essentiel de privilégier une clinique moderne, orientée vers l’international, où vous bénéficierez de soins adaptés à vos besoins spécifiques comme le BBDP..

Quality Dental Care, Personalized Follow-Up

BBDP offers a comprehensive range of services for top-quality dental care in Bucharest. With certified and labeled clinics, you will benefit from professional care and personalized follow-up throughout your treatment.
Don’t let prejudices prevent you from enjoying quality dental care at advantageous rates. Romania is the rising destination for dental tourism in Europe, and the Bucharest British Dental Place guarantees you excellent treatment in a welcoming, English -speaking environment. Visit us and regain the smile you deserve!
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