All-on-4 & 6

A complete solution to replace all missing teeth with one minimum number of implants

All on 4, All on 6:
Redo your mouth in the blink of an eye

The All on 4 and the All on 6 are innovative techniques allowing to completely redo the mouth of patients suffering from complete or significant edentulism and to carry out a replacement of the entire teeth in one or both dental arches. Their name comes from the placement of only 4 or 6 implants per jaw to place a definitive, fixed prosthesis. The All on 4 and the All-on-6 offer very satisfactory aesthetic and functional results. These solutions rely on dental implants to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. The All-on 4 technique is generally used for the mandible (lower jaw), while All-on-6 is recommended for the upper jaw.

This concept and technique are revolutionary for patients who previously would have had to wear removable dental prostheses. Indeed the great interest with the All on 4 or 6 is to offer for one jaw, or both, with only 4 dental implants (or 6) a fixed dental prosthesis, which will have the same function and aesthetics as normal teeth.

These techniques require skill and experience on the part of the dental surgeon. It is also necessary for the clinic to have all the most recent technologies.

The specialization of certain clinics such as Bucharest British Dental Place provides all the guarantees of competence and experience, with the added benefit of speed of treatment. In fact, from the first stage of treatment, the patient leaves with temporary, but fixed, teeth! Which is spectacular for the patient. Finally at Bucharest British Dental Place the price is much lower than in UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Key points

  • All on 4 and all on 6 are innovative techniques for replacing all teeth in the upper or lower jaw using only 4 dental implants (or 6) and fixed prostheses.

  • In certain rarer cases we can speak of All on 8 when 8 dental implants are placed for a dental arch.

  • The quality of the jaw bone and the choice of dental implant material are crucial to the success of the treatment.

  • The dental surgeon and the implantologist play a determining role in guaranteeing appropriate treatment and an optimal aesthetic and functional result.

  • Skills and experience are fundamental on the part of the dental team

  • The clinic’s equipment will guarantee rapid treatment, with great safety and greater comfort for the patient.

  • Bucharest British Dental Place is a clinic specializing in this type of technique

  • These procedures are certainly impressive, but painless for the patient. We offer local anesthesia and in certain cases sedation, with the presence of an anesthetist on site, allowing very comfortable interventions.

Understanding All on 4 and All on 6
The All on 4, All on four

The All on 4 technique is a solution which consists of using 4 dental implants to support a complete and fixed dental prosthesis. The implants are strategically placed in the jaw, two in the front and two in the back, to provide optimal support. The dental prosthesis is then fixed to the implants using a fixation system. This method with four implants offers the advantage of not requiring complex post-dental surgery such as grafts, because the implants are placed in such a way as to avoid areas where significant bone loss would have required sinus filling (sinus lift) to be able to place 6 implants.

All on 4
All on 4: fixed bridge on 4 implants to regain your teeth

The All on 6, All on six

This involves placing 6 dental implants in a jaw. Temporary denture, also called transitional denture, is a temporary dental prosthesis that is attached to dental implants after they are inserted into the jaw bone. Examining your CT scan will most often allow you to determine whether you have enough bone to avoid a graft. Otherwise, a sinus lift and bone grafting may be necessary to increase the amount of bone available for implant placement. It is during your on-site consultation with the dental team that the best option for each patient will be discussed. solution.

One of the advantages of these solutions is that they allow the prosthesis to be made on the same day as the implant treatment in patients who have lost all their teeth. This offers a great advantage for the restoration of aesthetic and functional properties. The aesthetics of the prosthesis can be easily planned individually, taking into account the needs and wishes of the patient.

Prothèse dentaire All on 6
All on 6 dental prosthesis on the upper jaw

Treatment plan and steps

Here are the main stages of the process of placing the four dental implants for the All on 4 and All on 6 technique:

  1. Initial assessment and treatment planning: The dentist performs a complete assessment of the patient’s mouth, including x-ray examinations and digital 3D models, to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

  2. Placement of implants, implantology: During the surgical procedure, the 4 dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone and the gum is sutured.

  3. Osteointegration: The implants integrate with the jawbone over a period of months, providing a solid foundation for future dentures.

  4. Fitting the dental bridge: Once osseointegration is complete, the complete denture is attached to the all on 4 or 6 implants and the necessary adjustments are made to ensure perfect fit and function.

In short, the All on 4 or All on 6 allows you to redo your mouth with a well-planned and executed process, using, as an option, advanced digital surgical guidance technology to ensure a successful and lasting treatment.

All on 4 et 6 intervention
All on 4 and 6: a well-codified procedure

Steps at Bucharest British Dental Place clinic.

The implementation of the all on 4 or 6 technique involves well-codified steps in the clinic, and we have extensive experience.
In general, 2 stages are necessary on site, i.e. 2 stays in Bucharest plus a preparatory stage in France.

Preparatory stage

Before your departure it is necessary to provide you with an estimate and a treatment plan to carry out some radiological examinations.

  • Dental panoramic

  • Dental scanner

We will provide you with a prescription to carry them out in France

We are not asking to have teeth pulled in France. In fact, it is very important to remove the teeth very carefully to preserve the bone as much as possible. Also we prefer to perform this step during step 1.

Scanner : examen préalable avant la pose d'implant dentaire
Scanner: preliminary examination before dental implant placement All on 4 and 6

In this preparatory phase we will assess whether the patient needs additional care, for example a bone graft or a sinus lift. In the case of bone grafting, an additional step may be necessary while the graft stabilizes, approximately 4 to 6 months.

We also assess whether the patient needs 4 or 6 implants all on 4 or 6

In some cases, the patient may benefit from additional procedures, for example all on 4 implants at the bottom, and a simple bridge on dental implants, and or crowns at the top for example.

Step 1: Dental surgery and implantology

  • Preparatory consultation with implementation of the solution adapted to the patient

  • Dental surgery and implantology: it will allow the mouth to be prepared with extraction of teeth if necessary, it is associated with the Implantology phase carried out by the maxillofacial surgeon. He will ensure the placement of dental implants.
    At Bucharest British Dental Place clinic, the dentist in charge of placing implants is a maxillofacial surgeon who has dual medical and dental skills. He is experienced in this type of procedure and will give you the maximum chance of success.

  • Creation of a temporary resin prosthesis, it is fixed, like real teeth! The loading is immediate and you leave for Paris or elsewhere with a redone mouth and a new smile

  • This stage lasts 1 day! for a jaw, for example if intervention in the morning and installation in the afternoon, or intervention in the afternoon and installation the next morning. 

Generally, this stage lasts a few days in Romania, and the patient can leave with fixed temporary teeth, which is a huge change for them!

Step 2: Final bridge

  • After approximately 6 months

  • The clinical examination validates the good osseointegration of dental implants

  • The dental surgeon will make a new 3D impression

  • Then the final prosthesis is made in a few days and placed

These protocols may concern the repair of one or both jaws. For 2 jaws, the stay time in Bucharest is longer

You can have more details on this procedure in our video here

In the UK, the All on 4 or All on 6 are solutions which will require very numerous treatment sessions and appointments, thanks to its equipment and know-how at Bucharest British Dental Place clinic, you will not have to stay a few days to complete all your treatment!

All on 4 et 6 intervention
All on 4 and 6: a well-codified procedure

The equipment that makes the difference

All these facilities are present at Bucharest British Dental Place clinic and you can discover them in detail here. As part of All on 4 and All on 6, they allow us to revolutionize the production of dental prostheses by providing the best solution.

Digital guidance

The use of digital surgical guidance technology during the dental implant placement process allows for precise and secure placement of implants in optimal positions using guides. This advanced technology contributes to successful treatment and faster recovery for patients.
Bucharest British Dental Place has the Navident digital guidance solution and this option will be offered to you if your case can benefit from it.

3D scanning and printing

With this technique, it is no longer necessary to take uncomfortable and imprecise impressions. A 3D scanner will take the 3D impression of your mouth and will thus be able to create temporary and final teeth using the 3D printer. Discover CEREC CAD/CAM technology CEREC CAD/CAM

la technologie CEREC CAD/CAM
All on 4 and 6: use of CEREC CAD/CAM technology for taking 3D impressions of teeth
la technologie CEREC CAD/CAM
All on 4 and 6: using CEREC CAD/CAM technology for 3D printing of teeth

Sedation and anesthesia

No longer be afraid of suffering and feeling uncomfortable. This sedation is carried out by an anesthetist present throughout the procedure. It is proposed for All On procedures which can be long, for anxious patients.

Patient installé confortablement dans le cabinet dentaire
All on 4 and 6: patient comfort is very important

Dental implants

Dental implants are identical to implants used for replacing teeth or for traditional bridges. There are a multitude of brands of implants, with numerous references in size, diameter, etc.

Implants dentaires : de très nombreux modèles
All on 4 and 6: many models of dental implants exist

Here is what is important to know for a dental implant:

The brand of implants is very important for several reasons

The quality of the materials constituting the implants is very important, as well as the manufacturing and evolution over time of the implants.

An implant is made to last a lifetime, it is important that osseointegration is perfect and that over the years no inflammatory phenomenon occurs around the implant, requiring removal of the implant.

One of the other fundamental points is the notoriety and international distribution of the brand. Indeed each implant has its own tools and if you need a repair for example, you must be able to do it in any country

For all of these reasons, Bucharest British Dental Place has chosen to offer implants from the Straumann brand, which is the world leader, and considered one of the best brands, distributed in more than 100 countries. We offer 2 types of implants from this brand, the classic models and Neodent which is a more economical Straumann brand, but with the same quality standards. Other very high quality brands include Nobel Biocare implants which we can also use in certain cases.

All on 4 : bridge fixe sur 4 implants
All on 4: fixed bridge on 4 implants


The prosthesis will be made up of 2 parts, the support which will be made of metal or titanium, and the teeth which will be made of ceramic or zircon, most often.

Prosthesis support

At Bucharest British Dental Place clinic, we favor titanium which is also the material for implants. Titanium has largely proven itself in terms of biocompatibility and will be an additional guarantee of the longevity of your prosthesis. The support will rest on the implants and receive the teeth.

The teeth

There are 2 ways to make the prosthesis at the level of tooth fixation,


The teeth are made in a single block, a bit like a bridge, the teeth are therefore united.
More economical and easier to do, the main drawback is the obligation to redo everything if a tooth were to break.

Bridge Malo: the choice of Bucharest British Dental Place clinic

In the Malo bridge each tooth is individual. The benefit is obvious, because in the event of a problem we only replace one tooth. The Malo Bridge can be placed on four dental implants, with the All on 4 or on 6 dental implants with the all on 6
The advantages are also aesthetic with teeth that will actually be separated.
Slightly more expensive to manufacture, it is today the technique that we favor at Bucharest British Dental Place clinic, as the advantages are significant, for a moderate additional cost.

The Malo Bridge is currently the best long-term solution for the all on 4 or the All on 6

Tooth materials

Zirconia is another very interesting option. Zirconia offers excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties, and is characterized by high strength and a natural appearance. Zircon prostheses are manufactured at the clinic

Ceramic is an ideal choice for patients looking for an aesthetic dental prosthesis, they maintain a certain transparency. they can be a little more fragile than other materials. They are also made on site at the clinic.

During the quote we will offer you all the options, and discuss with you the best options for you.

Cost and Financing

You can ask us for a free quote. Our advisor will contact you and, together with the dentists, will give you a quote. Our costs are generally much lower than those of France, Belgium or Switzerland, with savings of up to 60%!

To obtain an accurate estimate of the cost of your treatment, it is recommended to request a dental quote. This step allows us to take your specific needs into account and compare prices between different clinics.

It is important to note that dental implants, including All on 4 and All on 6 treatments, are generally not covered by social security in France. However, some mutuals can offer partial reimbursement, but often limited. Therefore, it is crucial to find out about financing options and consult your mutual insurance company before taking steps. We can help you evaluate your reimbursement.

Ask us for a free quote

The All on 4 and All in 6 procedures
at Bucharest British Dental Place clinic

Deciding to come and have an operation in Bucharest is certainly not a simple decision, because the fear of the dentist often presents many questions about the reliability and seriousness of the care offered. We know that one of the important points of the decision is the lower price you will get by having surgery abroad.

We did not want to commit to a logic of the lowest price with concessions on the quality of care. Our goal is first to offer you the best care, then the most competitive cost.
So all our dentists are very competent and experienced for All on 4 and 6. We have largely invested in the most modern equipment, as you can see. In addition, we use major brand implants and high quality prostheses. We know that you are making an investment that must last. So you will not find Low Cost implants with us, or cut prices but very high quality care that we would without hesitation recommend to our own family!All on 4 et 6 : une équipe expérimentée et compétente

All on 4 and 6: an experienced and competent team


The solution provided to patients by the all on 4 and All en 6 implants are a real revolution.

By choosing Bucharest British Dental Place which is a clinic specialised in this type of technique will be the best guarantee to obtain a stress-free treatment, with very competent and very experienced dentists in All on 4 and All on 6.

The technical platform ensures you the best solution for comfortable and very rapid care.

Imagine regaining your smile and functional teeth in just one day!

All on 4 et 6 le sourire revenu en un seul jour !
All on 4 and 6 the smile came back in a single day!
Mandibular prosthesis All on 4 system supported by implants