Orthodontist scaning patient with dental intraoral scanner

4D technology – MODJAW

The 4D MODJAW technology at Bucharest British Dental Place Clinic

Bucharest British Dental Place Clinic is proud to introduce the integration of the 4D MODJAW technology into our range of state-of-the-art dental tools. This is used in morpho-functional diagnosis, prosthetic planning, and verification of dental crowns and bridges.

But what is the 4D MODJAW technology, and how does it change your dental care experience?

Let us introduce you to this fascinating innovation.

  • MODJAW, a major technological advancement, provides us with a real-time and 4-dimensional view of the movements of your jaw. While traditional techniques are limited to static images in 2D or 3D, MODJAW offers a dynamic understanding of how your jaw functions when you speak, eat, or simply smile.
  • The process begins with data acquisition. We simply use a sensor that records jaw movements while you perform natural actions, such as opening and closing the mouth or moving the jaw from left to right and front to back.
  • This data is then analyzed by specific software, which creates a dynamic 4D simulation of your jaw movements. Here’s where the magic happens: your dentist can view these movements in real-time, from all possible angles, on a screen. This provides your dentist with a deep understanding of your unique anatomy and its functionality.

But what are the advantages for you, as a patient?

  • The major contribution of MODJAW is that it allows for extremely precise treatment planning, tailored to your natural jaw movements. Whether you need orthodontic, prosthetic treatment (Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry focused on the design, manufacture, and installation of dental prostheses to replace missing or damaged teeth.), or maxillofacial surgery, this technology enables the optimization of aesthetic and functional results.
  • Furthermore, MODJAW contributes to clearer and more transparent communication. You can see and understand how your jaw functions, making discussions about your treatment clearer and allowing you to actively participate in your care journey.
  • By adopting the 4D MODJAW technology, Bucharest British Dental Place Clinic continues to be at the forefront of innovative dental care. We are committed to using the most advanced technologies to provide you with the best possible care, always focusing on your comfort and satisfaction.