Bucharest British Dental Place - the top choice for exceptional dental care.

Do you believe in the power of a world-class smile? We make it our mission.

With nearly 10 years of extensive experience, we specialise in treating complex cases of patients from abroad. We understand each patient’s unique particularities and needs and pride ourselves on our ability to meet them.

In the modern world, dental care has become not only a necessity, but a symbol of trust. We know that in places like France, costs can be daunting and low-cost solutions can raise questions about quality.

That’s whyBucharest British Dental Place is here for you. Combining the expertise of Romanian dentists with the professionalism of British and French staff, we are committed to providing you with high quality dental services. Our state of the art equipment and the detailed attention we give to each patient make us excel in the field. We aim not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

It’s worth it to have a smile that shines out into the world. It’s worth Bucharest British Dental Place.

Nos garanties qualité
British Embassy Referral Clinic
37th place in the world ranking of best clinics
Reimbursement by the CPAM and mutual insurance companies
Straumann Centre of Excellence
Member of the European Union
ISO 9001 quality certification
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Clinic recommended by the French Embassy
Excellence in dental care
Take advantage of our comprehensive expertise:

All our dentists have solid training and international experience.

The experience of our dentists:

We are used to handling complex cases, combining dental science with the art of precision for optimal results.

Innovations and equipment :

Our clinic has state-of-the-art equipment, including operating microscopes and digital dental technology, including 3D impressions.

Competitive rates
Don't confuse competitiveness with low cost

Unlike the low-cost clinics you can find elsewhere, our prices are low, mainly because our cost structure is different from France, Belgium or Switzerland. Our aim is not to offer the lowest prices, but to offer best value for money. Your safety and quality of care are our top priorities.

We invite you to compare our prices to see how much you can save without compromising the quality of your dental care.

Unique patient experience
Here's what our patients liked best
Results that live up to their expectations:

Thanks to the expertise of our dentists, high-quality care and our innovative equipment.

Savings made

They have made significant savings without reducing the quality of materials and care. They benefited from the French social security system and their mutual insurance company.

Optimised organisation in French :

Short, limited stays and support in French

The surprising discovery of Bucharest :

They took advantage of their stay to discover the beautiful city of Bucharest, which is calm and green.

A complete change of mouth

A project that is sure to change your life!
Our clinic specialises in this type of treatment, with 3 major advantages:

  1. Fixed teeth perfectly adapted to your mouth with the latest technical innovations
  2. Very short treatment times and fixed (not removable) temporary teeth from the first stage.
  3. Very competitive treatment costs

We are experts in complete mouth reconstruction,
We can also work on specific treatments. Here are some examples.


Dental implants

Restore the natural function and appearance of your mouth for the long term.


All-on-4 & 6

A complete solution for replacing all missing teeth with a minimum number of implants.

Dental bridge

Crowns and bridges

Restore or replace damaged teeth for a full and healthy smile.


Dental veneers

Improve the appearance of your smile with aesthetic transformations.


Inlays and onlays

Esthetic and lasting repair of damaged teeth.


Bone filling

Essential preparation for successful dental implant placement.

Contact the clinic

    Treatment plan

    Simply fill in the contact form on our website.


    To establish an accurate and appropriate diagnosis, our medical team will provide you with a prescription for an X-ray and/or dental scan.

    Quotes and planning

    Thanks to your testing, we will be able to provide you with a tailor-made, personalised offer with various options designed to meet your needs while respecting your budget.


    Departure to Bucharest It's time to make the journey to Bucharest to start treatment.

    Affordable care
    Very competitive prices:
    • Save over 50% on your treatments
    • Social security and mutual insurance reimbursements
    • Fewer appointments, better quality
    No intermediaries

    Bucharest British Dental Place now works directly with you. You don’t pay unnecessary fees to an intermediary agency. We offer you the same services, and even more, including French language support, and follow-up, all at a lower price!

    Savings, yes, but not just savings!

    The treatments offered are of the highest quality, with innovations that few centres in France can offer you. Find out more about how you can save money and how our equipment will give you faster and better quality treatments.

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    Average savings
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    Maximum savings
    Advanced technology
    How innovation is revolutionising the dental experience: 5 innovations that make a difference!

    In an ever-changing medical world, the Franco-British Dental Clinic in Bucharest stands out for its strong commitment to excellence and innovation. Equipped with a range of state-of-the-art technologies, our clinic redefines the dental experience, providing our patients with high-precision care, unparalleled comfort and exceptional results.

    Our vision, our commitments

    Dr. Cosmin Teasdale, Founder and Director of Bucharest British Dental Place

    “My vision for the BBDP is to go beyond the traditional standards of dentistry. We strive for excellence, guaranteeing accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment. Our clinic has an in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment, such as operating microscopes, to ensure optimal accuracy. Digital dentistry, including 3D impressions, plays a vital role in our quest for perfection. We privilege the best materials and techniques, paying constant attention to detail from design to fitting. At The Bucharest Dental Place, the patient is at the heart of our approach. Don’t just compare prices, compare ethics, precision and excellence.”

    our team
    Professional skills

    Qualification and expertise of dentists, Continuing education and international certification of dentists, Multilingual team including French speaking staff.

    Gilles Robert - Patient Relations Manager
    Get in touch today

    Our English-speaking patient relations team is here to help you at all stages of organizing your stay in Bucharest for your dental care. Gilles Robert, will assist you throughout your care at the Bucharest British Dental Place clinic.

      Travel Logistic
      Organization and logistics

      Notre équipe de relation avec les patients, francophone, est présente pour vous aider à toutes les étapes de l’organisation de votre séjour à Bucarest pour vos soins dentaires. Gilles Robert, vous assistera tout au long de vos soins à la clinique Bucharest British Dental Place


      Drawing up an estimate and your treatment plan.
      We'll help you gather all the medical information and liaise with the dental team to provide you with a quote and treatment plan.


      Organizing your stay.
      We'll answer all your questions about your stay, and help you organize and manage your dental appointments.


      Support during care, coordination with care teams.
      We'll be with you every step of the way to make logistics as easy as possible.


      After your intervention
      After your stay, we'll work with you to organize your follow-up and future appointments.

      Our customers' experiences
      Before and after
      Examples of treatments
      Complex case with dental restorations, Emax porcelain and zirconia.
      Complex case with dental restorations, Emax porcelain and zirconia.
      Another case of double All on 4/6, full mouth restoration with dental implants